Your Exclusive Pakistan Travel Experiences

Your Exclusive Pakistan Travel Experiences

Coming in Fall 2019

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Our Story

  Pink  Tea Diaries is a tourism boutique that has come together, kind of  unexpectedly. We have frequently helped our friends, from around the world, plan Pakistan travel.  Their unique and memorable Pakistan tours have motivated us to do  the same for passionate travelers and explorers like you.   

 We  are a diverse group of people who come from different paths in life.  Collectively, we have lived in eight different countries across four  continents, traveled to over 50 countries.  All that stacks up over 30  years of our traveling and expat experiences.  

We  will be happy to create your turnkey, secure and exclusive Pakistan travel  experience from your arrival to departure. This includes high-end accommodation, comfortable transportation, gastronomic dinning and personal concierge service.

The video shows some of the highlights from some of our guests' past Pakistan travel experiences.

Things to Know

How easy and secure is it to travel to Pakistan?

Over the past few years Pakistan government has taken extensive measures for the locals, tourists and expats to easily, securely and joyfully move around the country. 

Pakistan tourism has also gotten a lot of international coverage by  Forbes, CNN Travel, Gulf News and others.

What is Pink Tea?

Pink Tea also know as Kashmiri Tea, Noon Chai, or Sheer Chai is a traditional tea beverage, originating from the Kashmir Valley. And it is pink in color. For Pakistanis it is somewhat of a delicacy,  most often served at special occasions and frequently enjoyed during the winter months. 

Our name Pink Tea Diaries is inspired by the delicacy of the tea that represents Pakistan. And a metaphorical diary of experiences that you will capture through your Pakistan travel experiences.

What services do we provide?

We truly believe in building memorable experiences. We want to make sure you have a hassle free, experience oriented, and all-inclusive Pakistan travel experience. Our Pakistan tours packages will include  high-end accommodation, comfortable transportation, gastronomic dinning and personal concierge service. 


As avid travelers ourselves, we also believe that a travel experience really starts from your home. Our team will make sure that you have all necessary documents, such as, itineraries, visa letters, cultural guides etc. before you get on your flight for the Pakistan travel.

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